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Adam Evans Northwestern MS in Analytics Graduation, December 2013 I met Diego via Skype because I needed work in the Summer of 2011. He offered to pay me to prepare some data and I accepted

HD Northwestern MS in Analytics Graduation, December 2013

Northwestern MS in Analytics Graduation, December 2013


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Adam EvansNorthwestern MS in Analytics Graduation, December 2013 I met Diego via Skype because I needed work in the Summer of 2011. He offered to pay me to prepare some data and I accepted. After some vague instructions and many hours of confusion and self-doubt, I finished his assignment. He then told me about a new program he was going to start: the Master of Science in Analytics.Fast forward to 2012, and the 30 of us arrive on here on campus. We reported daily to “boot camp”, eight straight hours of software tutorials. We learned from a man named Tom Bohannon, an instructor of nearly 30 years. He began, “In every SAS program there is the DATA STEP and the PROC STEP. If you do not end the line with a semicolon, you will get an ERA.” This was followed by a presentation from Diego himself where we discussed things like how he used to never wear jeans and now he wears jeans all the time… and how his favorite band is called “Saliva”. [grossed out face]Despite a few odd lectures, we moved quickly from basic statistics and database design to advanced prediction and optimization. We worked in teams for hundreds of hours, producing thousands of lines of code and insight which we would present regularly to executives. Ultimately, we would be hired into some of the most-coveted and highest-paying positions in our field.We are at the cutting edge of technology education. As an undergraduate engineer, I remember learning about Green's Theorem in Multivariable Calculus. I was curious and looked up its Wikipedia page. When this was “new math”? — the answer? 1846.We sit in Text Analytics and Social Networks Analysis and our professors are citing papers from 2008 and 2010. We use programming to conduct analysis on our laptops faster than was even possible 5 years ago. You see, traditional statistics was born from a time when relatively few observations were recorded by humans and we needed top-down theories to fill in the gaps. But now that machines do most of the recording, we can rely on the data itself to speak.We learn programming languages so we can listen.It is our challenge to tell a story.How does it feel to be this first class of students? It feels entrepreneurial.I think our program is in many ways like a startup. Working in teams, we each brought strengths to the table: Some could code faster than they could speak, or could fly through equations like PhDs. Others could pinpoint the business value of analytics and see every step to implement it. Still others excelled at visualizing the data to discover and communicate its meaning.Not everything was perfect but we were flexible enough to patch things up and keep running. We wore many hats and did brilliant work. And as the founders of this startup, we have successfully established a culture of excellence.I want to take some time here to recognize and thank all the people that helped us get here:Thank you Diego for your incredibly hard work and for sharing your passion with us. Without your vision and leadership, this program could not have been nearly what it is today and will be in the years to come.Thank you Barry for your enthusiastic support and for the resources we need to remain an elite program.Thank you Lindsay for your thoughtfulness in planning events like this one and your networking and career wisdom.Thank you Vicki for your work to maintain our strong brand and for your friendly smile even on the dreariest of days.Thank you Chris for picking the 30 of us out of the hundreds of applications you received and for helping us find our footing in those early days.Thank you to our each of our professors. It is you who challenged us to struggle and learn and grow and you who inspired us to achieve what we have here today.Thank you to all our family and friends. You were there when we needed emotional support and we are so happy to have you here to celebrate with us.But this is not the end! We cannot forget that a huge part of the value of our time here is the relationships we’ve formed with each other. Today we establish a community of Northwestern MSiA alumni. It is our responsibility to maintain this network and to grow it. The Betas will graduate in just 12 months and the Gammas just 12 months after them. With the diversity of geography and industries represented here we are creating an extremely strong professional network.Fellow students, please raise your glass. Here’s to these last 15 months that have been some of the best of my life. I will miss you all terribly. This may be the last time all 30 of us will stand in a room together but it will not be the last time we see each other!Everyone please raise your glass and join me in toasting our Class of 2013.Cheers! [LEAD APPLAUSE]Thank you again for being here to celebrate with us and please enjoy the rest of your evening! Please also join us at the after-party at Celtic Knot, about 100m that way.


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